Samueli Institute is advancing the science of healing worldwide by applying academic rigor to research on healing, well-being and resilience; translating evidence into action for the U.S. Military and large-scale health systems; and fostering wellness through self-care to create a flourishing society.

Recent News

CASE STUDY: Putting the patient experience first through connections with nature

A successful hospital system that is centered around health and well-being begins at the patient-level, and Scott Kashman, chief administrative officer for Cape Coral Hospital, knows this firsthand.Learn more >>

Samueli Institute Issues Special Report on Resilience: Stability Through Evolution

The October 2014 issue of the UK-based journal Interface Focus summarizes research findings stemming from Samueli Institute’s efforts to explore resilience from a diversity of disciplines and perspectives — a first for the field. Read more >>

A Call to Action: Chronic Pain and Opioid Use in the U.S. Military

With thousands of military personnel returning from war, the issue of chronic pain and its long-term effects on Service members is a growing issue. Opioids are the most widely-used method of treatment and patients are becoming addicted to the highly potent meds. In an article published by JAMA Internal Medicine, LTC Wayne B. Jonas, MD, USA (Ret.) and LTG Eric B. Schoomaker, MD, PhD, USA (Ret.) discuss the excessive use of opioids in the U.S. military and present a call to action to integrate medical practices that have proven to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain. Read more >>


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